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Secondary Glazing

” Helping to preserve landmark and listed heritage buildings “

Secondary Glazing

” Helping to preserve landmark and listed heritage buildings “

What is Secondary glazing?

A fully independent window system fitted to the room side of an existing window. This is not a new concept since in the 19th century some houses were constructed with a second double hung sash window to reduce heat loss and provide noise insulation. Today’s high performance secondary glazing leaves the existing window unaltered and in its original state. Why use secondary glazing? Planning Policy Guide lines   recognises that the best way to secure historic buildings is to keep them in active usage and this may involve some adaptation to meet current needs.

The rich tapestry of window designs are an important part of the character of a building and must be retained but single glazed frames are a major source of heat loss, provide little protection against noise and offer minimal resistance to burglary. Purpose made Secondary Glazing will improve the buildings environment and make it more attractive to end users by reducing air leakage and heat loss, dramatically improving noise insulation and providing an additional security barrier. Sensitive Design Secondary glazing can be designed to have minimal visual impact using discrete frames and is a reversible intervention.

Sky Windows secondary glazing is:

• Purpose designed to closely match the existing window

• Discreetly fitted with minimum visual intrusion

• Offered in many color shades to suit the building’s decor.

• Easy to use and maintain

• Demountable if reinstatement required

Listed Building Consent – It is important to refer proposals to the local planning authority as Listed Building Consent and or planning permission may be required. In most instances, secondary glazing will be an acceptable addition.

Acknowledgment Guides produced by many Heritage organizations recognize that secondary glazing is a practical and acceptable way to improve insulation levels.